Two Headed Press



We were six indie comic book writers who wanted to put out books that publishers were too wary to take a chance on. We joined forces as a lazy voltron collective: Two-Headed Press. We wrote a press release, made a website, got a cool logo and kickstarted some books. We were ambitious as heck.



Crowdfunding a 5-issue comic. Followed by the first issue of another brand new creator-owned series. I put out several zines in a series as 2HP books. I hardly slept at all. I had stuff to get done and I finally had a place I could do whatever I wanted.



Life happened. Books got made, careers went places. The collective began to drift. After a bit of silence, I had an idea. I asked if I could make the quiet permanent, take the name and do something similar but different with it — build a tiny empire to call my own.

Which brings us to now.



With a canine co-founder and a stupid itch to make stuff happen, we bring you the new and improved Two-Headed Press. Still finding new ways to make new comics in a new world, while trying out some other stuff on the side. It might fly, could crash and burn. But it should be an experience, either way.




Writer, designer and apaprently a publisher now, he is the writer of a whole bunch of creator-owned comics (CROWDED, TEST, SHANGHAI RED, HOUSE AMOK, COLD WAR, HEARTTHROB, WE(L)COME BACK, DEAD LETTERS, HIGH CRIMES) and a whole bunch of comics for other publishers like DC, Marvel, Dynamite, Boom Studios and Dark Horse Comics among others.

For 2HP, he’s co-created SHORT ORDER CROOKS, as well as the currently in production series, THE DEATH DEFYING. He’s also compiled, designed and written several zines in The Dumbstronaut Series (COFFEESHOP DOG, POOL DISASTER, I LIVED IN A CLOWN MOTEL — not to be confused with the prose version of the story — I LIVE IN A CLOWN MOTEL).

Living in Portland, Oregon, he likes stuff, things and adventures and has a million more books he wants to do before he dies.



Zola is a dog. She likes breakfast, dinner, snacks in-between, napping, her toy rope, going for walks, going in the car, eating hands, chasing squirrels, eating food she finds on the street and pooping outside. Honestly, she doesn’t contribute a lot to Two-Headed Press minus inspiration and some urgency to make these books succeed so she can be kept in carrots and rawhide like she’s used to.

Hailing from Vancouver, Washington, Zola has made her home in Portland, Oregon and is pretty much saddled with going wherever her human goes. Though sometimes he leaves her at home or with a dogsitter.Some animals Zola has seen: goats, chickens, ducks, rats, cats. Someday she’d like to meet a horse. I assume. She hasn’t said as much, but I bet a horse would seem kind of strange to a dog.

She’s a dog. I’m honestly surprised I managed to get this much written about her , but I had to make these paragraphs line up.