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Blood Brothers

A supernatural pulp story with fantasy elements, that takes place in a world where the border between reality and fantasy/mythology was broken. In this city, when crimes of a supernatural nature occur, it's up to Diego (the hard-boiled detective) and Gabriel (the luchadore) to use their skills to solve them.

The story also explores the relationship between these two brothers, and how they each obtained the special talents that enable them to do battle with the supernatural!

Fabian Rangel Jr (writer) 
Javier Caba (artist)
Ryan Ferrier (letterer)
Dylan Todd (design)




13-year-old Jesse McPherson and his best friend Erin Friesen have had enough of their home lives. Jesse's parents are getting divorced and Erin's mother is an alcoholic with a revolving cast of deadbeat, abusive boyfriends. One is running out of spite, the other for survival. But, when Erin steals money from her mother's current fling, they wind up running from more than just their families -- the money belongs to a local biker gang and they want it back.

Ed Brisson (writer)
Adam Gorham (artist)
Michael Garland (colorist)
Tom Muller (design)

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Christopher Sebela (writer)
George Kambadais (artist)
Lesley Atlansky (colorist)
Dylan Todd (design)