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Rockwell Granger sucks at his dream job — selling tacos out of his food truck. Deep in debt to the Bardem brothers who run the Portland food cart scene, Rock is forced to pursue a rogue food truck invading the brothers' territory.

Harper Marbury wants to cook for a living. When she breaks into a food truck to get in out of the rain and away from her mysterious life, she walks out with a job working for Rock.

A comic about cooking, crime and bad decisions. 

Christopher Sebela (writer)
George Kambadais (artist)
Lesley Atlansky (colorist)
Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (letterer)
Dylan Todd (logo)

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Houdini and Doyle used to be fast friends until their views on the afterlife set them against one another on stages and newspapers across the globe.

After an attempt on his life by Doyle's fellow Spiritualists, Houdini heads off in pursuit of Sir Arthur, who is, under orders from his spirit guide, racing to hasten an invasion of the dead by opening the "Gates of Hell" that hold the veil between our world and the next.

A two-fisted occult historical adventure.

Christopher Sebela (writer)
Gavin Guidry (artist)
Marissa Louise (colorist)
Micah Myers (letterer)
Dylan Todd (logo)